Adhesive Polymers

Custom Adhesive Manufacturing

JATKO’s emulsion polymers and custom compounding abilities create an expansive line of specialty adhesives that are used in many different industries. As a custom adhesive manufacturer, we can offer ISO-certified products for nearly all industrial applications. We have many years’ experience formulating industrial adhesives for a diverse range of customers who demand exacting standards.

JATKO can formulate industrial adhesive properties for peel, tack, shear, and more. We can manufacture in myriad batch sizes to best suit your demand, pricing, target market, and overall production goals. Our on-staff team of chemists and technical specialists knows that no two applications are the same. We focus on learning about your specific application in detail to produce the best possible formula while adhering to the strictest industry standards.

Many manufacturers use a trial-and-error method to test their adhesive. A core value JATKO can offer is providing use of our in-house research and development lab to analyze, test, and evaluate industrial adhesives before sending them to production. This takes any guesswork out of the formulation and leads to savings on operating expenses and a reduction in product waste. JATKO’s mission is to partner with our customers to offer superior product quality, value, and numerous services to create savings and efficiencies.

Being responsive to our customers’ needs is part of our culture. It is the reputation JATKO has earned over the past 20 years. Our niche and goal is to be the reliable and flexible choice for custom industrial adhesive manufacturing.