JATKO is a leading manufacturer of high quality, high performance binders, coatings, thickeners, emulsion polymers, adhesives and specialty chemicals. We work directly with our customers to identify problems and develop customized solutions that improve the effectiveness of your finished product and your bottom line.


JATKO’s emulsion polymers and custom compounding abilities create a solid line of specialty adhesives that are used in many different industries.

Emulsion Polymers

JATKO provides a long line of emulsion polymers consisting of acrylics, vinyl acetates, styrene acrylics, and nitriles. We specialize in custom manufacturing homo polymers and co-polymers to meet your specific requirements.


JATKO provides paper, textile and nonwoven polymers to improve water and chemical resistance and mechanical strength for these materials, as well as a variety of functional coatings.

Specialty Chemicals and Solutions

JATKO’s flexible production facility and services allow us to find value for our customers by creating specialty chemicals in the industries we serve.


Get the flexibility and performance you want with JATKO’s high durability coatings that are the key ingredient in our complete line of non-solvent, protective coatings for all industries.


JATKO provides a line of thickeners for the paint, textile, non-woven and coatings industries. We offer a range of thickener viscosities, and water solubility can be modified.

We have an extensive line of products, but our full-scale lab ensures we can modify or develop new products specifically for your end use. JATKO welcomes the opportunity to find the exact formulation that meets your needs. For more information about a particular product or how it’s used, please contact our sales department at (423) 332-3136.