JATKO is gifted with excellent logistics and storage capabilities.

JATKO is located in Jasper, Tennessee directly next to I-24 and has both rail and barge access on the property. With over 3.5 million gallons of storage and both certified truck and rail scales, handling even the biggest projects is within our capabilities. JATKO’s manufacturing flexibility includes several functional labs with trained and dedicated professionals, pilot-scale production facility, large tank storage for multiple monomers and products, a Cowles mixer and several pressure reactors. JATKO has one of the most experienced group of professionals for a company of our size, with over two hundred years of experience in the resin, latex, textile, and non-wovens industries. JATKO’s streamlined research process allows us to quickly identify your needs, devise a solution, and deliver enhanced products that immediately improve your bottom line and create enhanced value for your products and processes.